Pre-dance Classes
Ages:3-4 year olds
Dance Class Length:60 Minutes

(This is a Charlotte dance class for pre-school students that meets once a week for one hour. This pre-dance class for kids is different than many of our competitors because it is a full hour class whereas most studios offer 30 or 45 minutes for pre school dance. Our philosophy is that pre-school students need an introduction to creative movement and the fundamentals of dance including ballet and tap. The result is that our pre school dance students get a broad introduction to dance which better prepares them to choose their preferred dance classes when they get older. In addition, this class teaches important lessons in responsibility as dancers learn to put on their own tap & ballet shoes and put them away at the end of class. All dancers participate in our year-end recital performance.

Pre-school dancers wear a leotard and tights of any color/style which can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, or any dancewear store.

Pink Ballet Shoes & Tan Slip-On Tap Shoes which are purchased at Dance Fever Charlotte.

Students should be dressed before arriving for the class but should not put on dance shoes. Dance shoes will be put on in the class with the teacher. Students should use the bathroom right before the class to try and minimize class instruction disruption. Parents are not allowed in the classroom.

Here is a sample of pictures from some of our dance classes for preschoolers as well as a video clip from some of our young dance students.

Pre-Dance kids dance class Pre dance Class